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Writing Arts Club

What’s a zine?

Simply put, zines (pronounced “zeens”) are self-published books and periodicals. They are closely related to DIY culture.

Our zine, At My Whit’s End, features stories, poems, photos, quotes, and doodles by friends of the club. It’s a reflection of our campus culture, and a celebration of each contributor’s creativity.

Take a look!

How do you make zines?

If you can fold paper, you can make a zine – and many zines these days are digital, too.

Here are some links to resources that can teach you more about zines:

Let’s Make a Zine: an Interactive Workshop by Olivia Montoya

A readable PDF of a zine that covers zine layouts, zine history, and possible zine ideas. You can also download a print-ready copy.

Prof. Luther’s Zine Link Collection

Links to zine distros, histories, and videos by the Rowan Writing Arts department’s resident zine expert.

Zine Machine

A template for making a webpage that can also be printed into a minizine.